Tao Spa- Body and Foot Relax Center

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Tao Spa
Foot, Body and Nail Services

Welcome to our Body and Foot Relax Center of Tao Spa. We specialize in foot reflexology and oriental body relaxation techniques for your whole body. And we also provide full nail services at 837 Canal location. Our goal is to rejuvenate your body, foot and mind; and to make you a great day every day.

Our special therapies combine the principles of Chinese Yin and Yang with natural Chinese herb medicine. They are 100% natural. We specialize in working on headache, stiff neck and shoulders, back pain, tired feet, and whole body. 

Our therapies help:

- Reduce pain and stress
- Reduce heal pain: Plantar fasciitis
- Relax mind
- Relax muscles
- Remove toxins
- Increase energy
- Improve circulation 
- Improve metabolism
- Increase energy
- Promote general wellbeing

With a busy lifestyle, you might feel tired; You may have tired feet walking around; You may feel stressed out. We are here to help. Visit us soon.

Contact us today!
Call 210-843-8276 

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