Aislinn C.

Pato Alto, CA

This place is exactly what you'd expect it to be, if you're a reasonable person who can manage their expectations, that is. A first-rate spa experience this is not; however, the foot massage I got was outstanding, and I only had to wait about five minutes when I walked in on a Thursday afternoon. Could have been a little cheaper ($48 for 40 minutes), but it wasn't as dingy or suspect as most of the less-pricey establishments I've seen. I'm very ticklish so I appreciated the firm pressure; these guys definitely know how to work into the parts of your feet and shins that need it!

I then made the mistake of getting a 20-minute neck and shoulder massage. This was more akin to abuse than an actually enjoyable massage, and the chair I sat in was not set correctly for my height (resulting in my forehead being mashed into the contraption rather painfully). It was just way too fast -- even though the pressure was great, the speed and carelessness meant that almost none of the tension around my shoulders and upper back actually got resolved. Rather, I tensed up and probably actually ended up feeling slightly worse as a result.

Five stars for the foot massage, and one for the back and upper body massage.

Mary Locke M
Mount Pleasant, SC

My recent foot massage at Tao Spa was surprisingly one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip.  Yes, the prices are a bit high, but you're on vacation and your feet will thank you.

I'm used to paying $25 for a divine hour long foot massage back in Atlanta, so the $72/hour foot massage was too hard to stomach.  Instead my best friend and I opted for the $36 half hour foot massage, and let me tell you it did not disappoint.  Maybe it was the 40+ miles I'd hoofed around New Orleans during my stay, but this foot massage was simply put AMAZING.  My masseuse really knew how to work his magic.  I felt like I was walking on sunshine when I left.  Honestly this massage was the best purchase of my entire trip.

My only complaint is they tried to New York hustle us when we first sat down.  While getting the foot massage I requested, another employee tried to weasel her way in and upsell me for an additional $36 to give me a head and shoulders massage at the same time.  I'm not one for shady sales, so this attempt was a big detractor.  As a whole though, Tao Spa did not disappoint and is well worth the money just buyer be wary of upselling.

Ray S
Saratoga Springs, NY

Lisa and I both got the full body table massage. Fabulous! Another must do in the big easy

Yuliya S.

Frisco, TX

So I came here after walking 15k steps a day and my feet started looking like elephant feet, they were tender, swollen and hurt really bad... Not to mention my neck and shoulders being messed up from the flight in.
The guy who worked on me had really strong hands and OMG he did an excellent job. Don't expect too sanitary environment lol, it's just a place to come in and get your sore spots taken care of. I would never do pedicure or any spa procedures here, but get a nice reflexology massage while fully dressed, it was good.
Price was decent too, for 80 mins massage I paid $84+tip. Not bad...

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