-Therapeutic Foot Work

Hydrotherapy / Foot Bath

45 minutes/ $54.00
60 minutes/ $72.00
Which one do you need?
-be 100% all natural with herbs
-be approved for thousands
of years
-be the perfect cure for tired
and aching feet

-Aromatherapy/foot and head treatment

30 minutes/ $36.00
60 minutes/ $72.00

Which one do you need: refreshing and brand new?
-be natural with essential oils: eucalyptus, lavender, spearmint
and lemon oil
-be cleansing and purifying
-be soften with your skin
-be energized and rejuvenating.

-Foot reflexology

30 minutes/ $36.00
60 minutes/ $72.00

-a foot has 32 acupoints
-be relieving your foot soreness, fatigue and pressure
-be healing, soothing deodorizing
and relaxing
-be improving your circulation and energy flow
-be balancing your body
1. Foot Bath and Reflexology
A comprehensive foot relax therapy includes soaking your feet in a 100% all natural Chinese herb solution, then applies reflexology and Chinese Yin/Yang theory to get your feet and whole body relaxed. This treatment benefits your whole body.

2. Table Relax and Deep Tissue Massage
This body relaxation therapy includes working on your head, shoulder, back, lower back and legs. Depends on your needs, we will focus on those areas that need to be addressed for relaxation. After the service, you will feel brand new and your body is relaxed and restored.

3. Foot reflexology and Table Comb
A combination therapy between our foot soaking technique and table relaxation is to get your whole body a complete recharge. We always encourage our clients to seek this combined therapy.

4. Chair Relaxation
Depends on our location, we also privide a quick chair relaxation therapy focusing on headache, stiff neck and shoulder, back pain, and tired legs. This therapy is convenient for shoppers to get a quick treatment in their busy shopping experience.

5. Hydrotherapy
Foot bath with 100% all natural herb extract has been proved to be very effective in curing foot and body fatigue, balacing energy and promoting body functionalities.

6. Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is a healing method using essential oils to achieve psychological and physical well-being. The benefits of this practice is soothing, refreshing, rejuvenating and balancing your mind and body.

7. Full Nail service salon
At 837 Canal St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70112, we also offer full nail service for your travel convenience. Nail service is only offered at this location.

We specialize in professional massage therapy
at a price you can afford.

With a busy lifestyle, you might feel tired; You may have a tired feet walking around; You may feel stressed out. We are here to help. Visit us soon.
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Relax Your Mind and Body

Massages of All Types of Modalities

With years of combined experience, all of our massage therapists are capable of working within any modality of your choosing. We are dedicated to our clientele and offer a wide variety of services to fit your needs. If you’re not sure which massage best suits your situation, you can always discuss it with your masseuse. More often than not, we’ll custom tailor a plan to alleviate your specific aches and pains.

Services and prices vary from location to location

If you’re interested in a specific service that you do not see listed on our site, please give us a call. Our highly trained massage therapists can accommodate most requests.​

-Therapeutic Body Therapies


20 minutes/$24.00
30 minutes/$36.00

Targets:  headache, stiff neck 
and back pain


Full body therapeutic work
45 minutes/ $54.00
60 minutes/ $72.00
90 minutes/ $105.00

 -be rejuvenating and recovering

-Deep tissue massage

45 minutes/ $54.00
60 minutes/ $72.00
90 minutes/ $105.00

Targets: Shoulder stiffness, back pain, lower back aches, sports massage, muscle spasm
-be restored with Chinese
TuiNa stretching

-Head massage

20 minutes/$24.00
30 minutes/$36.00

Relieving your headache to relax your whole body